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You feel like this

My content has flatlined
I'm not making unique content
Struggling to stand out

And by the end of this course, you will:


Have adjusted your career path

In 2017, I entered a filmmaking competition that changed my career path. Looking back, I think about how important taking that one small step was. My aim with Fired Up, is to give other people the same opportunity I had, to help them in their filmmaking journey!

Learnt more about yourself

Understanding yourself and the content you like to make plays a huge part in becoming a successful content creator. I've learnt things about myself that simply wouldn't exist had I not looked inwards, into my own character, and explored creating content from there, instead of what the algorithm was asking me to create.

Use Sams content tips to better your own

I've got over 10 years experience making video content professionally, and have picked up a huge amount of best practices (and tips/tricks). My advice would be to listen to these tips, try them, and figure out if it's a process that fits YOUR way of making content.

Course Outline

Over a 3 week period, Sam will guide you through a step by step process that will help you rediscover your true artistic purpose. The lessons are packed with valuable insights into the filmmaking process, as well as helping you connect with the reason you initially wanted to be an artist.
Week 1
Idea & Scripting
A great idea is the foundation upon which successful content is built, as it can be enhanced through effective visuals and editing. Ideas can come at any moment and in various forms, and how you use that energy to ignite your motivation and create something amazing will be crucial in your success.
In this module, we will explore three primary sources for generating ideas — Your Inspirations, Your Perspective, and Your Character — providing a pathway to develop your style and generate fresh content ideas.

The module is split into the following lessons:

The Idea
- Where do you get your inspiration from?
- What does it mean to create content from your perspective?
- Why is including your character in your content important?
- Finding your unique style as a creator
- Idea Generation

- Building Your Structure
- What should your script look like?
- Finding Your unique style when scripting
Week 2
The objectives of this filming module include understanding different camera types, cover basics of lighting and audio setups, and also how to engage viewers when filming oneself. We want you to experience the same exhilaration of capturing great shots, and to do that, you need to understand the theory side well. Sam also talks about his pre-filming anxiety and offers tips to overcome it, such as establishing a routine and mindset.
On top of the theory outlined in this module, Sam show us a full breakdown, letting us in on every decision he makes and why (previous students have LOVED these breakdowns).

The module is split into the following lessons:
- Understanding the difference between cameras, and when to use each setup.
- Camera settings
- Microphone Setups
- Lighting
- Shot Composition
- Attention drop-off
- Talking to camera, and things to consider when filming yourself
- Shooting B-Roll, or filming Behind The Scenes content
- Filming My Video (Full Breakdown)
Week 3
Editing is everything when it comes to bringing a vision to life and crafting a compelling story. In this module, we discuss the power of editing to transform raw footage and enhance storytelling through various techniques like music, effects, and pacing. I also share personal editing practices for short and long-form videos, emphasising the importance of experimentation and finding YOUR unique style. We also cover software selection, file organisation, music selection, indexing a track, building a "block edit," and the full editing process.
Sam includes a full 3 hour editing breakdown, where he shows and explains every decision he makes and why.

The Edit
- What software do I use? Both on Desktop, and Phone Apps.
- Structuring Your Files
- The importance of music / Where can I get good music from?
- Indexing your music for an edit
- Doing a Block Edit
- Editing my video (Full Breakdown)

Aftercare Module
- Dealing with criticism
- Course Outrro
people looove
the breakdowns
lots here

You'll also get:

4 Pre-recorded video modules

This is a Fired Up experience! With these modules, Sam guides you through a full video production process.. from ideas, to completion.

10 short videos made to get you Fired Up

These are the inspirational bitesize videos you need to keep up your energy, and get pumped about your video content!

3 live Q&A calls

Ask Sam anything! (both directly via DMs, and also in live sessions). The live sessions are cohort only, but all members can access recordings.

An invitation to our Fired Up community pages

Join our community members and get involved in various discussion around video content. Sam is also very active here, and can help with any questions.

Access to all future lessons

You buy it at this price once, and get access to future content for life.

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Sam Dawson
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Hear It From Fired Up Members

“I’ve finished the first lot of lessons and I feel like things are starting to click in my head hahahaha, my notes app has never seen so much activity 🤣 f**kin buzzing !!”
Henry Lockwood
Fired up member
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"Hi Sam, I wanted to share with you, maybe it's over empathetic, but you might not see all of the impacts Fired Up had on me. It was the perfect time to happen in my life."
Thomas Joubert
Fired up member
"The cohort was great! While it is geared towards those who already make videos so they can level up, I was able to draw great value as a beginner. It was as if I was placed inside Sam's brain and had a front row seat to his processes and the whys behind his choices."
Keena Blum
Fired up member
"With this course, we get to see an expert in his element, executing beautifully. It's a bit like watching a world class chef show how to prepare some dish on TV."
Jonathan Whitmore
Fired up member

My Guarantee

If you engage with the course content and find yourself unsatisfied for any reason, we've got you covered.

Please be aware that the money-back guarantee applies exclusively to those who have completed the course and provide a valid reason for their cancellation. Available for 30 days after enrolling.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this course for beginner or experienced creators?

This course is for people who do have at least a basic understanding of creating videos. I don't cover every single step in the process, or things you can find on YouTube Tutorials. I try to keep it as rich in value of things that I can offer from my experience.

How long can I access the course?

The course will always be available for you to watch on this site, using your login.

Does the course have subtitles?

It does not currently, although it is my aim to add English subtitles so that non-English speakers can consume the content more easily.

Can I do this course alongside a full time job?

Absolutely! Say goodbye to your evenings / weekends!

Do I need particular software?

You don't need any particular editing software. Whilst I am using Adobe Premiere Pro for the editing module, I am not showing Premiere specific techniques.

Do I need a camera?

You do need some kind of camera, but ANY kind of camera will do (a phone or a friends old DSLR... great!).

Can I get a refund?

Sure! If you engaged in the course, and it still wasn't for you, we'll give you a refund.